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What is VirtualContact AI?

VirtualContact AI is a virtual bot for businesses that answers the phone and provides relevant information to customers.

Is VirtualContact AI only for restaurants?

No! VirtualContact AI is an AI phone assistant for any business.

How does VirtualContact AI work?

When a customer calls a restaurant's phone number, VirtualContact AI greets the customer and can provide information like store hours, address with directions, ordering and reservation links, and more.

Can VirtualContact AI handle orders and reservations?

Yes, VirtualContact AI can provide customers with a link to place an order or make a reservation.

Can VirtualContact AI handle more requests?

Yes, our custom AI solution allows your assistant to answer any questions for your customers.

What happens if a customer needs to speak to a live representative?

No worries, VirtualContact AI can transfer the call to a live representative.

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